A "Rascal" understands that in order to enjoy life they need to do whatever it takes to participate.  We understand at Rascals, that you may not always have the time to get to a gym. We say... "That's no excuse!" An alternative Rascal work-out can be: running with your kids, pushing a lawn mower, gardening, riding a bike at the park, taking a long walk, or any other activity that includes participation in motion.


When you do decide to join a gym, we hope you choose a place that understands there is more to life than just exercise, but  “participation” in exercise can help you enjoy life. Come participate with us!


parks far from the mall entrance...pushes a lawn mower...takes the stairs...helps others... eats dessert...catches leaves when they fall...plays with their kids...rides a bike... rakes leaves...dances...washes their car by hand...takes long walks... volunteers...jumps rope. Enjoys Life!


What do the "RASCALS" colors represent?


1.          SUN - The sun makes us feel warm and brightens our day. Enjoy the sun as it will always be there in the morning.

2.          WATER - Water is the life blood of life and makes us feel calm. Drink plenty of water and splash when you can.

3.           EARTH - Earth is our global home and the outdoors is our playground. To experience the outdoors is to go home again.

4.          PASSION - Passion is the fuel needed to participate in life. You can never have too much passion, but if you feel you do….share with a friend. ...